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Women & Gender Equality

The Women’s Sector membership comprises of women’s formations, civil society organisations as well as HIV programmes that have a dedicated women’s rights focus. Current membership and partners include government departments, research institutions, NGOs and independents working in the women’s rights sector. There are currently approximately 500 individual members registered on the database. The SANACWS continues to broaden its network and seeks linkages with women living in rural and urban communities. SANACWS membership is open to all women who are interested and who participate in the work of the SANACWS nationally, provincially and locally. This constituency culminates into the Women’s Sector Structure which exists to strengthen provincial representation by enlisting gender focal persons and expert group members across all provinces on the membership platform. This structure is seen as a platform to intensify Women’s Sector engagement with provincial and district structures aligned to Provincial AIDS Councils. Objectives Objective 1: To strengthen women’s sector representation, coordination, participation and networking on national, provincial, district and local AIDS Councils. Objective 2: To strengthen the coordination of technical expertise, knowledge and information relevant to the NSP and the women’s sector. Objective 3: Increase the capacity of WS structures and member organisations to advocate for a woman centred response.

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