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Amaqhawe Transgender Project

Transgender people continue to be marginalised, excluded from initiatives and research projects. The Amaqhawe Transgender project was first implemented in February 2017 and since its establishment, over 200 transgender women and men in South Africa have been reached. The project primarily includes safe spaces, research, referral and an advisory element. During the weekly safe spaces, transgender persons across Gauteng are brought together to discuss issues on human rights, access to hormonal replacement therapy and gender realignment surgery and holistic health services, and the challenges experienced when trying to legally change gender identity among other things. The goal of the programme is community strengthening, access to information, social and economic empowerment, sensitisation and training and improvement of services delivery for transgender persons.  A research report titled ‘Why we matter’ was released in 2019 which discusses the experiences of transgender women in Gauteng. The programme also offers advise to clients on how to access transition specific care and legal documents.

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