Another Lesbian woman shot in Pretoria, a victim of crime.
Another Lesbian woman shot in Pretoria, a victim of crime.

The 2nd of July 2021 was yet another heartbreaking and traumatizing day for Lebogang Mashiane (33), a Lesbian woman from Ga-Rankuwa, North of Pretoria, who was shot. The incident was reported to Access Chapter 2 (AC2) that Lebogang Mashiane was on her way to a Spaza Shop when two men appeared out of nowhere, stopped in front of her, attacked her and dispossessed her of her phone. They then drove off using a VW Golf motor vehicle, leaving Lebogang in a pool of blood. Fortunately, she was assisted and rushed to the Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital. It is unknown whether the incident is a common violent act or if it related to Hate Crime.

The AC2 team responded to the case and has been in contact with the victim in order to get the details of the incident. AC2 further provided support to Lebogang including engaging with the hospital and assisting the victim with reporting the case to the police. The incident has left Lebogang, and the family traumatised.

In a world that is beaming with crime statistics, AC2 persistently continues to assist victims of violence and their families during these difficult times. AC2 seeks to make the world a better place. The last few weeks have been a horrible time for the LGBTI+ community and we have seen many LGBTI+ organisations working tirelessly in response to these barbaric acts.

AC2 can confirm that Lebogang has been discharged, she expressed her gratitude to the team and confirmed that she is now courageous enough to open a case. AC2 will continue to support her and follow through on this matter. We encourage LGBTI+ people to report incidents and violations against them. LGBTI+ organisations are there to serve and assist to the best of their abilities.

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