L GBTI The Sector consists of service providers who have done most of the groundwork in research, advocacy, training, treatment, support and care for the LGBTI community. These service providers are OUT in Pretoria, ICAP-South Africa, Durban Gay and Lesbian Centre, Pietermaritzburg Gay and Lesbian Network, NACOSA, Triangle Project Cape Town, Anova Health, Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Cape Town, Gender Dynamix, Intersex South Africa. Background Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) is specified as a Key Population in the National Strategic Plan 2011-2016 It is situated in a broader group - lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/intersex people better known with acronym LGBTI. There have been about 5 HIV prevalence studies among MSM's. In most recent study, it was found that 30% of respondents are HIV+. We know very little about HIV prevalence among lesbian women, transgender and intersex people. There is very little Government funding for programmes for the LGBTI community.

AboutIserve Equally

With the #IServeEqually and #IamChapter2 Campaign, AccessChapter2 aims to bring awareness to the struggle of LGBTI people and women in their diversity who are stigmatised, faces discrimination and often are secondary victimised when to report hate crime cases to an extent that results to lack of access to justice. The campaign serves to stand up, defend and promote fundamental freedoms and equality for ALL. Serve Equally campaign edge ALL service providers to provide services to everyone in diversity. This campaign was established to address challenges faced by LGBTI people when reporting criminal and discrimination cases to South African Police Service. The campaign's intention is to foster equal services for ALL and for service providers to change their attitude. am Chapter 2, based on the organisational name Access Chapter 2 and most importantly named after the Bill of Rights as enshrined in the South African Constitution. am Chapter 2, targets every citizen and every service provider to know their rights and responsibility. The campaign edges everyone to promote, protect and fulfil human rights obligation by encouraging ALL to participate in human rights campaign. Through this campaign we will: HIGHLIGHT the personal stories of LGBTI people; ENGAGE the LGBTI people and broader public to take action online and off-line in support of the campaign, further to educate the public about Human Rights for ALL; UPSCALE CAPACITY of service providers particularly in the SAPS and other Justice System to provide competent service and understand LGBTI issues; and BUILD Solidarity amongst the local, national and international community and take a stand on EQUALITY

Access Chapter 2

and its partners will launch #IServeEqually campaign in honour and memory of Lesego Small Manganye (27yrs), a lesbian identified born in Atteridgeville, West of Pretoria. She was gang raped twice, she reported the first incident to the police and later her docket went missing and no one accounted for it. The second rape incident Small she never reported it at all, as a result of losing hope that nothing will happen she then committed suicide early 2015. This campaign was developed as part of AC2 (Access Chapter 2) initiative, it is a joint project a partnership between the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, National Task Team, South African Police Service and Access Chapter 2. Support for these AC2 initiative activities has been generously provided by HIVOS.